Hand Wash Station

Portable hand washing station which operates stand-alone with its own water capacity. It is designed both for individual use and for two-people use when combining two stations to create one column with opposite wash basins.

It is foot-operated, while the integrated handles and wheels enable easier movement. Given its lightweight, this station is very easy to maneuver and it can be integrated into portable toilet cabins.

Based on the fact that it can serve nearly 280 uses without refiling, makes it also the most desirable hand washing solution for places with limited water connection or no connection at all.

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Technical specifications

Weight (empty): 20 kg
Tank capacity: 50L approx.
Soap and sanitizer dispenser capacity: 350ml
Dimensions (L/W/H): 62 x 42 x 125 cm
Material used: Polyethylene
Number of uses: 280

Services provided

  • Rentals on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis or for special occasions
  • Sales
  • After sales maintenance/ Repairs