Aluminium Panel Toilet - HandiCap Toilet

Another one affordable choice of an outdoor, portable sanitation facility restroom for people with disabilities.

Its minimal size doesn’t require spacious area; it approximately has same dimensions as a standard portable toilet.

It is practical and elegant at the same time, a fact that makes it ideal for use at important events of public affluence and/ or special events.

Includes a ceramic sink and toilet, optional shower faucet and lighting.

Aluminum Panel Toilet & Handicap toilet is mainly offered for individuals with special portable restroom facilities.  It has enough space to fit a person on a wheelchair with all the amenities needed, as well as aluminum ramp for easy access.

Water provision – cold

Additional Supply

  • Plumbing
    Connection with water from water provider or water tank
  • Connection with drainage
    Connection with drainage or waste tank.

Electrical installation

Supply of electrical supply (single phase).
In order to make the connection with the supply, a certified electrician is required.

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Technical specifications

Weight empty: 120 Kg

Internal dimensions (L/D/H): 170 x 170 x 210 cm
External dimensions (L/D/H): 180x 180 x 230 cm
Main frame: Aluminum profile
Flooring: Aluminum checked plate with steel frame
Ventilation: PVC blind shutter window and fan

Services provided

  • Sales
  • After sales maintenance/ Repairs


3-rolls toilet paper holder

Coat/tool-belt hook