Prefabricated Modules

Ideal for permanent or temporary use, such as offices, conference rooms, security guard houses, military structures, school classrooms, workers' accommodation, laboratories, kiosks, canteens, ticket booths.
Constructed to the highest standards and delivered to your exact requirements.
All units can be provided upon request with air condition split unit.
Transportation is made by our company's certified crane.

Plain Structure

Empty spaced module to use as you would like.

Changing Room

We have created this specific type of prefabricated to serve crowd.

Office Equipment

Office supplies for rent along with rented modules.

Shower Station

Includes 6 autonomous, semi touch shower units, last one of which includes also a toilet.

Sink Station

This hand wash station has been created to serve crowd. Internally there are 8 rounded, stainless steel, autonomous sinks.

Guard House

Prefabricated module to be used as guard house. It includes one main door and 3 windows with security bars.

Toilet with Shower

Another option of a portable sanitation facility unit. Module includes a ceramic toilet, sink, shower unit and a small ventilation window.

Brown Panel

The prefabricated module with the brown panel gives a more elegant touch to prefab construction. With improved quality of build, it enables individualization and customization according to customer needs.

A Name You Can Trust

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