Other Products

Portable showers, sinks, changing rooms, urinals, containers and variety of other products.


USTAND is a free standing urinal, a cost effective solution to avoid long lines during crowded events.

Portable Changing Room

This cabin can be used as a dressing room, a storeroom or as a shed for the garden, the courtyard or wherever there is need for storing tools and supplies.

Portable Shower

A spacious, safe and comfortable shower that provides personal hygiene and privacy on-the-go.

Hand Wash Station

AQUAPOP is the new version of portable hand washing station by Greson Easy Loo. It is designed for two-people use and has its own water capacity.

Cargo Container

Used containers 20ft or 40ft with empty space, ideal for storage purposes.

Lifting Cage

Lifting cages equipped with chains are made up for loading portable toilets securely to top floors.

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