Portable Changing Room

With a spacious, empty interior, this cabin can be used as a dressing room, a storeroom or as a shed for the garden, the courtyard, sea and countryside and generally everywhere there is need for a locker to storage tools or other supplies.

It can stand alone or combined with our other products, such as the portable toilet and shower to create a portable sanitation facility.

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Technical specifications

Weight (empty): 73,5 kg
Internal dimensions (L/W/H): 100 x 100 x 212 cm
External dimensions (L/W/H): 106 x 106 x 233 cm
Floor: Marine wood base with anti-slip PVC floor
Material used: High density polyethylene with  anti-UV treatment

Services provided

  • Rentals on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis or for special occasions
  • Sales
  • After sales maintenance/ Repairs


Coat/tool-belt hook