A 2-unit solar portable restroom that has an appealing design and two independent entrances. The two restrooms are serviced by one technical room pleasantly located in between the two units. This station is overall good-looking, while easy to move and versatile when it comes to operations.

Individual entrances allow two private rooms for privacy, separated by the technical room that holds the electronic control panels and two external tanks, one for fresh water and one for the waste.

E-BLOCK structure is made of extruded aluminum and insulated panels in fiberglass and polystyrene while the internal material is in ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). All these components make E-BLOCK both durable and water resistant.

E-BLOCK is designed to allow easy lifting and moving with the use of a forklift or crane. For effortless transport it can be hooked to a dedicated trailer. Solar panel comes as a standard feature and is placed on the rooftop of the middle technical room.

  • Self-contained (using external fresh and gray water tanks)
  • Mains connected (both water and sewage system)
  • Self-contained using the gray water tank and connected to water supply
  • Self-contained using the fresh water tank and connected to sewage
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Technical specifications

Weight (empty): 500 kg
Fresh Water Capacity: 500L
Grey Water Capacity: 500L
Water consumption per each flush: 1L for the toilet bowl and 0,2L for the hand wash sink
Seat height: 45 cm
Internal dimensions (L/W/H): 101 x 101 x 207 cm
External dimensions (L/W/H): 310 x 115 x 222 cm
Power supply: DC 12V
Lighting: LED with occupancy sensor
Material used: Structural profiles in extruded aluminum and insulated panels in fiberglass and polystyrene; internal material in ABS; roof in fiberglass and polystyrene; OSB wood panel floor

Standard features

  • The fresh water is directed around the bowl by a molded flushing rim around the top of the bowl, so that the entire internal surface is rinsed with water
  • Two separated push buttons for flushing and hand wash sink
  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board) wood panel floor
  • Presence sensor spot led light functioning automatically when nightfall approaches
  • Door with return spring and door lock system with vacant/occupied indicator
  • Fresh water tank and waste tank inside the technical room
  • Sensor level to check water and waste levels
  • External plugs for an easier connection to water and waste networks
  • Roof in fiberglass and polystyrene
  • Solar panel

Optional features

  • Forced ventilation and heating systems (ask for availability)
  • Customized stickers