Handy Portable Toilet

A mini portable restroom, the ideal solution for all places with difficult access and limited movements.  Light weighted, with removable tank and integrated wheels, this portable restroom brings together all the traditional strengths in the smallest restroom ever.

Aiming for a lightweight self-contained restroom, the tank fits in order to be removed. This results in facilitating cleaning operation and waste collection, as well as further reducing the overall weight and maximizing maneuverability. Its’ external handle along with the integrated wheels make a restroom that can travel anywhere.



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Technical specifications

Weight (empty): 55 kg
Tank capacity: 70L approx.
Seat height: 50 cm
Internal dimensions (L/W/H): 93 x 76 x 189 cm
External dimensions (L/W/H): 95 x 78 x 195 cm
Material used: High density polyethylene with anti-UV treatment.
Number of uses: 80

Services provided

  • Rentals on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis or for special occasions
  • Sales
  • Toilet maintenance
    • Operated by our qualified personnel.
    • Evacuation of existing waste and reposition of clean water.
    • Use of chemical liquid for the cleaning.
    • Placement of 2 toilet paper rolls.
  • After sales maintenance/ Repairs


1-roll toilet paper holder