VIP - Ivory Portable Toilet

Product line for Europe

It is the workhorse among our products. User-friendly and safe. A real step ahead in the portable sanitation industry and the result of years of manufacturing experience.

This portable toilet offers the maximum ease of use for its operators and a design that shows Greson Easy Loo’s eye for details and for the needs of those in the portable toilet rental business.

Specially designed for construction sites and important events of big public gatherings, our durable toilets can withstand large-scale use. With a functional and minimal design that can be customized, Portable Toilet can be practical and elegant at the same time.

Portable Toilet has an anti-slip floor and comes with the wall urinal, the coat/tool-belt hook and a 3-rolls toilet paper holder.


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Technical specifications

Weight (empty): 76 kg
Tank capacity: 210L approx.
Seat height: 51 cm
Internal dimensions (L/W/H): 100 x 100 x 212 cm
External dimensions (L/W/H): 106 x 106 x 233 cm
Material used: High density polyethylene with anti-UV treatment.
Number of uses: 220

Services provided

  • Rentals on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis or for special occasions.
  • Sales.
  • Toilet maintenance:
    • Operated by our qualified personnel.
    • Evacuation of existing waste and reposition of clean water.
    • Use of chemical liquid for the cleaning.
    • Placement of 2 toilet paper rolls.
  • After sales maintenance/ Repairs

VIP Ivory Portable toilets also include:


  • Sink
  • Urinal
  • Soap
  • Antiseptic
  • Women and Men signs (optional)
  • Solar roof lights (optional)


3-roll toilet paper holder

Coat/tool-belt hook

Soap dispenser & antiseptic